Thursday, February 23, 2012

Product Cocktails

Remember that time I talked about using too much product? Today I'm kind of on the opposite end of the spectrum, because I want to tell you about product cocktails.

What's a product cocktail you ask? Why, let me tell you!

product cocktail [prod-uhkt kok-teyl] noun: any various sort of mixed products, consisting typically of one or more hair products mixed with another hair product.

Need something simpler than my fancy, made-up definition? Basically a product cocktail is just as it sounds, when you mix two or more products together in your hair. Because let's face it, one product is just never enough, nor is just one pair of shoes. The key is discovering what products to mix. 

Mixology 101:
  • light hold mousse + straightening cream = the perfect round brush combo
  • curl enhancer + anti-frizz cream + gel = perfect curly hair cocktail
  • heat protectant + hair spray + shine serum = your curling iron's best friend
Those are just a few combinations. There are thousands out there I'm sure, but just be aware that some products don't mix well together. So if you get any clumping, color change, or just weirdness in general, ask your hair care professional about it. Or just ask your stylist in the first place. Chances are they used a cocktail on your hair and can recommend the perfect one for you.

Currently I'm loving Aveda's Smooth Infusion Style Prep-Smoother and Glossing Straightener. They come from the same line and practically scream, mix me! What are your favorite products to mix together?


Thank you!