Tuesday, February 7, 2012

How To Tuesday: Date Night Makeup

With V-day just around the corner, and many of you lovely people celebrating, I thought for this week's tutorial, I would do that a makeup look that's perfect for the big day.

These scream, "Diamonds, they're a girl's best friend. So hand 'em over."

Everyone knows that red is the color of Valentine's, so why would you go out without some bold red lips? I can't think of any reason. But sometimes it's hard to wear red lips. What kind of eye shadow do I wear? Can I wear eyeliner? What about lip liner, do I need that too? Well, ladies...I think this tutorial gives you the perfect date night look.

Our lovely friends over at Jane Iredale made this tutorial. I couldn't see any reason to remake one myself, so just take a look at theirs.


Here are the steps written out:

  1. Of course, you want to start with your normal foundation routine.
  2. Then apply PurePressed Blush to your cheeks. The lady in the video is using Tawny, but I'm a Cotton Candy type of girl. 
  3. Use the Citrine Mystikol to line your botton lash line, and if you're feeling frisky, your top one as well.
  4. Apply Gold 24K Gold Dust to your eyelid using a pressing or patting motion. Jane Iredale suggests to try not to sweep or flick it across the lid or the gold dust will end up everywhere.
  5. Apply the highlighter end of your Mystikol to the inner corner of your eye and your brow bone, then smooth it out with your finger.
  6. Eyelash conditioner, then your jet black mascara. Girlfriend in the video doesn't put a whole lot on, but I say layer it up girl!
  7. And for those red lips: Passion Lip Fixation, topped with Chili Pepper Chocoholicks, which by the way, smells like actuall chocolate. 

That's it. Easy as pie. Now go and enjoy your night!

You can check out Jane Iredale's original post on this look here. 


Thank you!