Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Link Love 10/28/2011

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Winter Is Coming

When I woke up this morning, I did what I do everyday. Check the weather. You see, in Texas this is pretty much a necessity. Because Texas likes you surprise you.

But where I was hoping to see a high of somewhere in the 70s, I see this...

Feels like 86º. Feels like 86º?

And then I log onto Facebook and see that my cousin, who lives in Colorado just so happened to wake up to three inches of fresh snow this morning. And in that moment I thought, is it ever going to get cold here?

But then I calmed down and remembered that I love Texas. Of course it is going to get cold. Winter is coming. Which also means a whole new hair care routine. 

 In the winter, or in cold weather in general, the air becomes really dry, thus causing your hair and skin to crave moisture. So you're going to need a really, really good deep conditioner. Here are some of my favorites.

Brazilian Blowout Acai Deep Conditioning Masque


Made for the Brazilian Blowout, but can be used even if you don't have one. What makes this masque so great is that you can leave it on overnight. Or if you think that will make your hair too heavy, use it like a regular deep conditioner and rinse it out.

Awapuhi Keratin Intensive Treatment

 This deep conditioner is about half the price of the other, but just as good. You can't leave it on overnight, but it still packs a punch. Plus, it smells amazing.

What is your favorite deep conditioner? Or if you don't use one, how do you keep your hair healthy in the winter?

Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Link Love 10/21/2011

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hair Trends: Ombré

Ombré is a relatively new trend to hit the fashion world. Well maybe not that new. People have always let their roots grow out, but now--luckily for all y'all people who only like to get color two or three times a year-- you can call your look trendy.

Ombré: adj. shaded or graduated in tone

Basically, this is what ombré is. 

cam to gif
Photos from Google Images

See how the roots are dark and around the mid-shaft it turns to light? Genius right? It is a low-maintenance hair color that looks amazing. 

And if you're feeling really adventurous, you can do ombré with any color. 

Photo from Pinterest

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Makeup Expiration Dates

Attention. This post is not only informative, but will also keep you from looking like a zombie.

I'm a hoarder. There. I said it. There is something about makeup that makes me not want to get rid of it. Ever. That Clinique gift set I got when I was 16? Still got it. That lipstick color that was all the rage a couple of years ago? Yup.

But you see, this creates a problem. Not only for my skin and health, but also for those around me. Because let's face it. No one likes a girl with an eye infection. And that is exactly what you'll get if you're using expired makeup.

The concept of throwing away expired makeup is new to me, since I'm a makeup hoarder. But it is something that everyone should be aware of.

So here's what you need to know.

Liquid Foundation
     Foundation is the foundation of our makeup. (ha!) But unfortunately it lasts about the shortest amount of time. After about 3-6 months, your foundation is done-zo. So throw it away!

     Your concealer can easily get bacteria on it from dabbing it on your face. So typically keep it for only 3 months.

    That includes your eye shadows, ladies. 1 year. So enjoy 'em while they last.

     If you listen to anything from this post, listen to this one. 3 months. No longer. Remember that eye infection I was talking about? You don't want one of those.

Eye & Lip Pencils
     1 year. But make sure you're sharping them once a week.  That will get rid of any lingering bacteria.

Lip Gloss/Stick
     This is what I'm most guilty of. I can't seem to throw any lipstick away. But I must. Every year.

     While not technically your makeup, they are a part of your routine. So make sure you're cleaning them with a brush cleaner once a week.

     These things can get nast-y. So make sure you're replacing them every week. That's every week.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

How To Tuesday: Smokey Eye

There are about a thousand different ways to do a smokey eye. Different shade patterns, different colors( purples, grays, browns, navys). Different eye shapes. But we wanted to give you a general idea on how to do a smokey eye.

No real need for an introduction.

 What you'll need:
  • Lid primer.
  • 3 different color eye shadows. Light, medium, and dark.
  • Eye liner
  • Mascara

  1. Prime you lids

Because Ariel has dark skin, we used a more pink primer. But if your on the lighter side, use a nude color. Cover the entire lid, all the way to the brow.

     2. Highlight brow

Use your light eye shadow color to highlight the brow bone. We're using Jane Iredale Shell.

     3. Lid

Use your medium shadow and cover the lid up to the crease. We're using Jane Iredale Dawn

     4. Crease

Jane Iredale Dusk in the crease. Use a "pat and drag" technique. Pat your brush, then drag it a small way.

     5. Eye Liner

Use a dark liner, black will probably work best, and line the top and bottom. Also, to add to the smokey effect, line the inside of your bottom lid. Pull the eye and use a feathering technique. Don't try to drag the liner all the way across the lid in one swoop. Tip: to help keep your eyeliner from smearing at the corner, dab a bit of your medium color eye shadow there. It will help to set it.

     6. Mascara

Add a bit of mascara. Fill in your brows and you're done!

The smokey eye isn't hard to do. Six steps or less. But it's just picking the just shadow and knowing the right place to put the shadow. And well, now you do!

Have fun!

Monday, October 17, 2011

The Skin Care Routine For You

Oh skin. It covers 100% of our body, is our largest organ, and can account for up to 16% of our body weight. So in case you didn't know, it's kind of a big deal. And therefore you need to take care of it. I've already told you about how important sunscreen is, but just as important as sunscreen is the rest of your skin care routine.

So here's the deal. Every single person needs at least three steps in your skin care routine.

  1. cleanse
  2. moisturize
  3. protect
Simple, right? Step 1 is obvious. You acquire a lot of nasty during the day and night on your face, so you really need to clean that stuff off. Step 2 is to prevent you from looking like an old wrinkly thing. And step 3, well do I need to tell you how hot the sun gets again? 9,941 degrees Fahrenheit. Just use some sunscreen people. 

And you know what? A lot of times step 2 and 3 can be combined into one step. So, hey, bonus!

If your skin is perfect and you don't need to correct anything about it, then well I hate you. But for the rest of us, you might need to add an extra step in your routine. 

If you have...

      Use an SPF with a green tint. This will help neutralize the redness in your skin. 

Murad Correcting Moisturizer SPF 15, $37.00

Stubborn Blackheads
      And who doesn't right? Get yourself a product with Salicylic acid. 

SkinCeuticals Blemish + Age Defense $78.00
Acne Scars
     Did you know that an Alph-beta peel will fade them even faster than retinol will? 

Crow's Feet
        You're always going to want to keep your eye area hydrated. Just think of them like that aunt of yours no one talks about because she's always asking for another drink. Try an eye cream that has peptides, which stimulate collagen and restore moisture. 

SkinCeuticals Eye Crea, $70.00

Dark Spots
     You need to get yourself a pigment regulator.

SkinCeuticals Pigment Regulator, $85.00

     Ah, the bane of our existence. Pimples are the worst. But if you stick with your skin care regimen you'll see results. Don't be impatient though. You skin can take weeks to recycle. But again, try a salicylic acne treatment. 

Did I not mention the skin issue you're having? Let me know in the comments below and I'll help you out!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Giveaway Winner

I had fun reading everyone's entries yesterday about what your favorite makeup product is. My favorite makeup is mascara and eyeliner. I feel naked without it.

But on to the winner.

Congrats Mary! Email Me :)

Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Link Love 10/14/2011

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Giveaway: $50 of Jane Iredale Makeup and a Makeup Application

Remember yesterday when I talked about makeup? Well, that was just to get you guys excited for today. Because we're giving away $50 of that makeup I kept talking about yesterday: Jane Iredale. It is an amazing skin care makeup line, that will not only cover up that stuff you don't want anyone seeing, but also help to correct it. Bonus, right?

So here's how you enter. Leave a comment below telling me what your favorite makeup product is. Mascara. Eye shadow. Lipstick. Whatever. And which Jane Iredale color you would want in that product. Don't know all their colors? Check it them out here. Then, tomorrow at noon I will randomly choose the winner.

But, want to boost your odds in winning? Subscribe to this blog, and your name will be thrown into the cup an extra time!

May the odds be ever in your favor. 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Makeup That Compliments Your Hair Color

You always hear, "if you have X eye color, then wear Y eye shadow color". But I never really hear anything about makeup colors for your hair color. Which I find interesting. I mean, your hair is way more noticeable than your eyes. It only makes sense that your makeup should compliment you hair color as well.

A couple of years ago I went from having platinum blonde hair to a rich brown color. I absolutely loved it, but I was a little clueless with what to do with my makeup. And later this month I'm going to go from my rich brown color to red. (A process you'll get to see!)

So for those of you out there like me, who are changing your hair color drastically, or just need a little change from your routine, here's some help with what color makeup is best for what hair.


Blondes. They have more fun. And there is a lot a blonde can do with makeup. But there are also some things to avoid. Like matte nudes. They tend to wash blondes out, and no one likes a ghostly blonde. They're no fun.

Think fruit. Berry. Peach. Champagne. Champagne is a fruit in  my mind. These are perfect colors for blondes. Add a soft pink lip and you're set!

Jane Iredale, Pure Pressed Triple Eye Shadow, Pink Bliss, $28.00

I absolutely love the Jane Iredale Pure Pressed Eye shadow. And the triple eye shadows are such a steal. The pink bliss triple eye shadow is perfect for blondes. It has pink, berry, and champagne. Hello, one stop shop.


Brown. This is my realm. 

Hey brunettes! Please don't use a foundation that is paler than your actual skin tone. Actually, everyone please avoid using a foundation that is paler than your skin tone. But especially brunettes. Remember that girl from The Ring? You don't want to look like that.

For eye shadows, more natural colors are the best. Think bone, beige, or gray. But don't worry, you can bring your color in in your cheeks and lips. Wear that red lipstick girl! You can rock it. 

Jane Iredale PureMoist Lip Colour, Carrie, $20

But corals and pinks are also color pallets that will work for you. So try 'em out ladies.


Ahh, redheads, how I wish to be one. Soon enough. Soon enough.

All you green eyed beauties out there with red hair have it made. Green is one of the best colors for red hair. Don't have green eyes? Don't worry. Swipe on a bit of green shadow or liner. pur-fection

Other than green, warm tones like peach or copper look great. And of course, red heads can pull off a pretty amazing smokey eye.

But on your lips and cheeks, ladies, stick to sheer or pinks. 

Jane Iredale Mystikol, Aquamarine, $20

Red and green. It's like Christmas. What could be better?

Tell me your favorite makeup to wear with your hair color in the comments below!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How To Tuesday: Finger Waves

Halloween is just around the corner. I feel like in recent years Halloween has turned from a children's night to gorge themselves on candy, to a night to spend way too much money on your costume and go out with your friends. But, that could be because in recent years I went from gorging myself on candy to dressing up and going out with my friends. Yes, I went trick-or-treating when I was a senior in high school. No judging. 

But regardless of whether you're trick-or-treating or trick-or-drinking, Halloween is a night to have some fun. And to have the best costume in the room.

One of my favorites costumes is a flapper. It's easy. It's pretty. And it's timeless. To help you save a bit on your flapper costume this year, I wanted to show you how to make finger waves. They were all the rage in the 20s, so they will fit right in with your prohibition look.

First I need to let you know a couple of things.

  • Finger waves are a two person job. Seriously, just take my advice. You'll get better waves if someone else is doing them.
  • You need a very strong hold gel. Something like Aveda's Flax Seed Aloe. 
  • Finger waves work best for short, head-hugging haircuts. But that doesn't mean you can't do it if you have long hair. Just use a curling iron for the bottom. 

Flax Seed Aloe, $16.00

Okay, now that you know that. Here's the step-by-step.

  1. Start with wet hair.
  2. Apply the gel.

Now, you're going to want to apply a lot of gel. I mean a lot. See how shiny Aimee's hair is up there? Yeah. Make it rain gel, y'all.

     3. Comb hair. 

Pretty simple. You're just going to comb the gel through the hair, coating the hair completely.

     4. Start the waves

This is where your second person will come in. This is also where it gets a bit complicated. Basically, after you have combed the hair down, it creates a base for the waves. Start at the part, put your finger on the hair, as shown above. Then, take your comb and pull the hair in the opposite direction. 

You'll continue in the same fashion down the side of the head, pulling the comb in opposite directions with each wave. 

That's it! It's fairly easy once you get the hang of it. But don't get discouraged if you don't get it on the first, second, or even third try. It takes some practice, but you'll definitely wow the people around you in the end!

Every Tuesday is How To Tuesday? What tutorials do you want to see us do? Another Halloween costume? Let us know in the comments below!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Link Love 10/7/2011

Hello October!

  • I don't know what a cluster puff is, but I probably would have bought one for only $2.49 if I had been alive in 1910. Just call me a sucker for good deals. 
  • October is save the tatas month, and here are some beauty products that will donate to the cause. 
  • An activity that probably wasted 30 minutes of my time yesterday. Draw a stickman. Awesome and entertaining. 
  • Sometimes you can make it all day in those 4" stilettos. So here's some bags to stash those flats in!
  • First a book, now a clothing line. What can't "The Situation" do?
  • I love the 50s and its amazing clothes and makeup.
  • In probably the saddest news of the week, Steve Jobs died. But you can always keep him in your memory by wear his signature black turtleneck
  • Because every girl sometimes needs a refresher, from InStyle, how to walk in heels. 
  • We talked about hair accessories last year, if you were inspired, here's a DIY headband!
  • Color block for your nails!  
  • I recently discovered The Beauty Department. They've got some awesome stuff on it. Like this and this.  
  • I'm obsessed with P.S I made this... Check out this DIY project!

What did you see online this week? Let me know in the comments below!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Perfect Fall Color

Isn't that picture just idyllic? Unfortunately, I live in Texas. And this is what our Fall looks like...

BUT! That doesn't mean you can't have a little color in your life. 

Most everyone knows the basics to Fall colors. They're different from Spring and Summer colors, right? Well basically the history behind these denoted "season colors" all has to do with the plants. In the Spring, flowers are blooming, and well that's basically an explosion of colors. Cherry blossoms, gardenias, peonies, and a thousand others. They're all bright and vibrant. 

But in the Fall, the colors are different. Everything turns these beautiful reds and oranges. Deeper and darker. And on some level, we like to mimic nature, so naturally we change our wardrobe and hair. 

This Fall, it's all about the reds. Bright reds, dark reds, warm reds, cool reds, but most of all the copper reds. 

So, take your look to a whole new level this season. A look that says, hello I'm a redhead and I know I look good.

What is your favorite color for the Fall? Or do you keep your same color all year round? Tell us in the comments below!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

October Spotlight Stylist

This month's Spotlight Stylist is Christina, one of the amazing girls from our flagship store in Beaumont. What makes Christina so special is that she started out as a nail technician, but she always had this strong passion about hair.

After four years with the company doing nails, she made one of the hardest decisions of her life and pursued a career in hair. Another four years later, she's never looked back.

As a Master Stylist (On Stage's third highest stylist level), she still has some room to grow and learn. But, watching her work, it's easy to see the love for what she does on her face.

 "I believe to be successful you have to be passionate about what you do. As hairstylist, I think we should step out of our box, get uncomfortable, then learn how to do it better. It's the only way you learn from your mistakes and refine them."

Christina, Master Stylist at On Stage I. 

I got to know Christina a little bit last week. Here are the amazing things she had to say below. 

How long have you been with the company?
I've been in the industry for ten years, but have been with the company for eight. The last four years I have spent doing hair.

What are your specialties?
I love all aspects of doing hair, but I specialize in precision hair cutting and formal/editorial hairdressing. 

What do you have the most fun doing?
I love going to get outside education. I'm able to offer more to my clients with what I've learned and it keeps my skills sharp. That's what I love about On Stage; they offer and give us those opportunities.

Have you won any awards?
No, but I would love to enter the NAHA competition and Trend Vision.

Have you taken any special classes?
Aside from the the in-house education that On Stage offers, I have also had classes through Paul Mitchell, Wella, and Sebastian.

How would you describe your personal style and hairstyle?
I can honestly say that I don't have any one particular style because it changes with whatever I'm feeling that day or whatever inspires me. If I had to put a label on it, I would say I'm urban chic. 

Although I've had many different hairstyles and hair colors, I've really enjoyed having my hair blonde with shorter layers, simply because it's so versatile.

I'm told you're the Sebastian advocate, what is it about that line that you like so much?
I love that Sebastian is so focused on what the hair needs so that you can almost prescribe a product for whatever hair type you're working with. It provides moisture, hold, control, and it smells amazing. There is really a product for everyone.

What are your hair dreams?
To provide education for my peers. I would lvoe to enter and win the NAHA awards or Trend Vision. But at the end of the days, it's to always make my clients happy and feel good about themselves and their image.

What made you want to be a hairstylist?
I knew in junior high that I wanted to be in this industry. I don't remember what the defining moment was, but that I just remember knowing. 

Do you have a message that you would like to tell all of your clients?
My goal is not only to get you to step out of your comfort zone but to give you a look that not only suits your style but personality as well. 

Want to book an appointment with Christina? Call (409)866-0560.