Thursday, April 26, 2012

Braiding Techniques

Braids, in case you didn't know, are super in right now. Thanks, in part, to a lovely lady named Katniss. But mainly I attribute the popularity to the general awesomeness of a braid.

So braids are cool. But braids can also be hard to make.

I've compiled some videos that show you how to do some of the more popular braids at the moment. Enjoy.

Just a simple braid...

Now take it up a notch. The French braid.

Fishtail Braid

For experts. The Waterfall Braid

What is your favorite braid to do? Tell me in the comments below!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Men's Haircut Terms 101

"How about we make a mullet, but shave the sides down to a 0?"

When I sit down in my stylist's chair for a haircut, usually I just say something like, "Take a couple of inches off." But it's more complicated for men. There are strange terms and different tools used than with a longer cut. And frankly, it can get confusing. 

If you go to different stylists every time or are just trying out a new one, it's nice to know the lingo so that you can get the exact cut that you want.

This is the space above your ear. Your hairline naturally arches around your ear. Some cuts require that the area is trimmed, while others do not.

Guard Length
I'm sure everyone has heard the terms, "#2", "#3", etc. But do you actually know what the mean? Well, after some Googling on my part, I learned that the number refers to length of the hair. Obviously right? But it is also refers to the number of weeks of hair growth left of the scalp after it has been cut. It's a fun fact, but it is easier to remember:

  • #1= 1/8"
  • #2=2/8"
  • #3=3/8"
  • and so on.
Yup. Men have them too.

Blocked/Tapered Necklines
A blocked neckline is when a visible line is created at the nape of your neck. A tapered neckline is more of a faded look. 

Adding a bit of texture to your hair can create a more uneven, messy look. 

There are a ton of other terms out there. Mostly different types of cuts, from mullets to pompadours. And each one is a different thing, but hopefully these few terms will help you out next time your in a stylist's chair.  

Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Link Love 4/20/2012

What did you see online this week?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Professional Products at Drugstores: Are They Real?

I've done a lot of research on this topic and I've find an answer:

yes and no.

It's called diversion, and there's a long explanation as to what that means but I want to give you the shortened version. Basically, a diverted product is one that has made its way from the manufacturer into the gray market, then finally hits the shelves of the drug stores.

It's not necessarily illegal, at least, it isn't for the drugstores. Someone along the way broke their contract with the manufacturer which could leave them in trouble with the law.

It definitely isn't safe. Diverted products, since they are not guaranteed (check out the back of most professional products to see the warning), don't have to be held to the same standards as the ones on the shelves at your salon. Most of the time they are expired and moldy, but there have been some products found that are completely different from what the bottle is advertising, creating a hazardous product for your hair and general health.

So stay away. Not only are the diverted products harmful to you, but they are devaluing the professionalism of the product and the industry. Don't buy diverted products or return the ones you've already bought.

Have you ever bought a diverted product? Did you even know there was a difference? Tell him in the comments below.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How To Tuesday: Blue Eyeshadow

Last week, the salon got all of these fantastic new Jane Iredale eyeshadows in. I'm talking blues, greens, and even a red. Me, I'm a simple girl. Nude and black liner. Done. But I was dying to try the Spring colors.

Unfortunately every time I think about blue shadow I automatically think about Mimi from The Drew Carrey Show. So, one of our very talented stylists and makeup artists, Lynsey Robbins, showed me a couple of different ways to wear it. And what do you know...I happened to have a camera near by. 

We show you three different looks you can do with blue shadow. In fact, it is three different looks you can do with pretty much any color shadow. The video is kind of long, but may I say, totally worth it.

Blue Shadow Tips:
  • I said it in the video, but you can't really over blend. You don't want any lines, just one smooth look. 
  • Don't reach for that black liner. We used a nice purple, or you could try a darker blue.
  • Keep your lips simple. Nude lips (and cheeks!)
  • Try not to be too matchy matchy with your clothes and shadow. 
  • Do not, whatever you do, bring the blue all the way up to your brow.
What we used:
  • All Ms. Iredale products of course.
  • Shadows: Magic (light blue), Blue Hour (dark blue), White
  • Eye Gloss: Aqua Silk

Have you ever worn blue shadow? What is your favorite Spring eyeshadow color? Tell me in the comments below. 

The Woodlands Art Festival

Every year we get to participate in The Woodlands annual Art Festival. It is this huge event that The Woodlands puts on showcasing art and artists from the area. The event is so close to our hearts because it really promotes art in children.

We want to say a special thanks to our friends over at Keller Williams for always inviting us to partner with them.

Check out some photos from the weekend below.

Didn't make it out to the event this year? There's always next year!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Link Love 4/13/2012

What did you see online this week? 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hairspray Lingo: The Words You Need to Know

At any given time, we probably have more than 20 different types of hairspray in the salon. Granted, that is different brands and different holds, but that still amounts to 20 different cans that you're looking at saying, "which one?"

It took me a long time to find my perfect hairspray (it's Paul Mitchell Hold Me Tight) but now that I have, I hardly ever buy anything else. It just took a lot of reading labels and trials and errors to get me there.

Luckily for you guys, you've got me. After reading this post you'll (hopefully) be able to know exactly which hairspray you need when you go into the salon.

Hairspray typically comes in three different strengths:

  • Light

You light hold hairsprays are best for looks that don't require much hold, like straight hair or round brushed hair. Sebastian's Shaper Zero Gravity is a brushable lightweight hairspray. 

  • Medium
Medium hairsprays are for your slightly more complicated looks. Loose curls or waves, half ups, pony tails, etc. Aveda's Brilliant is a medium hold.

  • Strong
Strong hairsprays, also known as finishing sprays, are for things that really need that extra hold. Curls, updos, wedding styles. I love a finishing spray to tame my frizzies in an updo. Hold Me Tight is a strong hold finishing spray.

 Other terms:
  • flexible-- typically when a hairspray says flexible it means that after it is sprayed, there is still time to manipulate your hair into the shape you want. 
  • brushable-- brushable means just that, you can brush it

Does that help your indecision? Or do you just want to go buy them all like I do? 

What is your favorite hairspray? Tell me in the comments below!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

So...You Want to be a Hair Stylist?

I talk a lot on this blog about hair and hair professionals, but I never really mentioned how to become a hair professional. So I thought I would give all you aspiring stylists out there a heads up.

First of all, congratulations! Not only have you chosen a great career path, but you'll also get to be artistic and creative everyday. And take it from someone who does the's fantastic!

Check out your local hair schools. Even if you're still in high school. A lot of schools have the option of cosmetology as a course. Then there are big name schools -- Paul Mitchell, Aveda -- but don't forget about your mom and pop schools as well.

Set up a meeting with the school. That pretty much goes for any higher education. You always should feel out the school before picking the right one.

Attend your classes and graduate! Graduating from school feels amazing. And hair school can usually be completed in two years or less. So that's a bonus!

Look around at salons to see who's hiring. There are different types of salons and each one will give you a different type of clientele. You want to find one that fits with your personality. But you also want to find one that will build upon the training the you've already had, like with an apprentice program.

Have you been to hair school? Or are you thinking about going? Tell me about your experience in the comments below!

photo 1

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

How To Tuesday: Curling Your Lashes (Without Wanting To Cry)

Very carefully. That's all the advice I've got for you today.

Aw, I'm just kidding. Curling your lashes is tricky business though. I hardly ever curl my lashes due to the fact that I want to cry every time. But fear not, I'm here to help both you and me.

See how happy she is now that she's not crying anymore.

First off, you need to know that there are a couple of different types of curlers.

  • metal
  • plastic
For our purposes, I'm going to tell you to always use metal. So just forget about the plastic. In fact...there is only one type of curler.

  • metal

Next off, you should always start with clean eyelashes. That means no mascara on them. This is where I always messed up. Mascara on lashes = crying during curling. No mascara = better chance of no crying.

Now, let's curl some lashes.

  1. Warm up your curler just a bit by running your blowdryer over it. Somewhere between 10-15 seconds. Test out the metal first by touching it. If it's too hot, let it cool down. Don't burn your eyelid y'all.
  2. Start close to the root of your lashes, and clamp down, but be careful to not clamp your eyelid. There's debate on how long to hold it closed, but I'd say between 5-10 seconds.
  3. You can curl again in the middle of the lash, and close to the tip.
  4. Mascara.
  5. Repeat on other eye.

And now you know how to curl your lashes without wanting to cry. Let me know how it goes.

photo 1

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Makeup Tips Every Girl Should Know

Being a girl is hard. Heels. Makeup. Don't even get me started on pregnancy. And you know what, we as the female population, try our best. But sometimes, we just need a little help.

That's when I go to the professionals.


  • add depth and contour to your face by applying a bronzer to the hallows of your cheeks, then your blush above it
  • keep your blush and lipstick in the same color family. pink lipstick? try a pink blush
  • smile when applying blush. start of the apples of your cheeks and apply upwards toward your temples
  • tab your ring finger on your skin to blend concealor. don't pull or swipe. it could rub it off or stretch out your skin 


  • for longer lashes, take mascara from root to end. for thicker lashes, rub mascara wand back and forth along roots
  • don't pump the mascara wand. it adds air to the container, making it dry out faster
  • pluck your brows after your shower when your pores are open
  • shadow as liner? why not!
  • lipstick. blot. lipstick. 
  • trace your lips in a loose translucent powder to keep the color from seeping onto your skin
  • liner can actually help your lipstick to last longer and to keep it from bleeding or feathering
  • dramatic lips or eyes. choose one.

What are your makeup tips? Tell me in the comments below!

photo 1

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

April Spotlight Stylist: Lisa Dishman

This month's spotlight stylist is actually an esthetician really it's spotlight esthetician  . I like to change things up every once in a while.

When I first visited On Stage I, our flagship location in Beaumont, I was able to tour the facilities and meet some of the staff there. When we got to the spa, the manager said, "Cassidy, you've got to meet Lisa." I had no idea who Lisa was at the time, but I quickly came to understand that her name was one to remember.

Lisa has been at On Stage for almost as long as it has been open and been an esthetician for twice as long. That's what you call a lifetime of knowledge. And knowledge is what she is full of. I learned a lot about skin (and envied hers) during our brief conversation. Believe me, if you've got a question, Lisa can answer it.

Lisa Dishman

How long have you been in the industry? At On Stage?
I've been an esthetician for 30 years, but only at On Stage for 16.

What position are you in?
Senior Esthetician

Tell me about your personal life?
I've been married for 34 years. I've got two children Erin and Ford, and one son-in-law, Al. I also have two grandchildren, Stella and Adam, and four dogs and two cats.

What is your favorite part about your job?
Solving problems for my clients

Have you won any awards?
The State Sunrise Award for Look Good...Feel Better through the American Cancer Society

Taken any special classes?
I'm always looking or classes to improve my skills and how to help my clients

Who inspires you?
My co-workers at On Stage. They keep me moving forward.

What is your favorite makeup trend? And least favorite?
My favorite is red lips and soft eyes, and my least is too much makeup all over your face.

If we did only one thing for our skin, would should it be?
SPF is very important for keeping the skin young.

Do you have a message you'd like to tell your clients?
Enjoy what you have: wonderful eyes,wonderful lips, great skin or great brows

Live in the Beaumont area and want to make an appointment with Lisa? Call (409)866-0560.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

How To Tuesday: Victory Curls

So, today's tutorial is not your normal tutorial. Well, it was until technology decided to hate me. You see I filmed us making this tutorial with full intentions of making a pretty video explaining exactly how to do it. But no. The video miraculously deleted. So now, I'm left with just a set of instructions and a picture.

So today, that's what you get. But don't worry. It's an easy one, and next week I'll be back with a full tutorial.

In Texas, everything is bigger. Including our victory curls.

What you need:

  • 1.5" curling iron
  • bobby pins
  • hairspray
How to do it:
  1. Take a triangular section from ear to part-line.
  2. Using your curling iron, take small sub sections and curl upwards, holding the curling iron horizontally.
  3. Pin aside for later.
  4. Continue curling entire section.
  5. Brush the section together to form one big curl, then roll up towards your head.
  6. Weave a bobby pin through on both sides to pin into place.
  7. Hairspray.
  8. Repeat on opposite side. 

That's it, y'all. Really, it is the weaving of the bobby pins that is the hardest, and that is still easy. So try out this vintage look next time your feeling like "i-should-have-not-been-born-in-this-time-period". 

What tutorials would you like to see? Or...can you tell me how my video was deleted? I'm still hunting through my files.