Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ask Alzy: She Bangs

So this week continues the Facebook "hair challenges". Up next:

I can't ever seem to get that "swoopy" bang look ( Instead, my hair wants to go all D.J. Tanner from Full House. I've tried blow drying upside down, I've tried parting it on the the opposite side. No matter what, I get the Baywatch hair look, which is NOT what I'm going for...

 Dear She Bangs,

It's hard to say without seeing your part line and any callicks you may have. The hair needs to lay flat and forward.What you may try is blowdrying your bangs forward, and as you do so, you can rub your fingers back and forth...this will help break up any set pattern it likes to hold.

With some product, like Aveda's Control Force, mist your bangs, one section at a time, and flat iron straight down with a little curve, then brush to the side.

Speak with a stylist or have them do it on you to get a visual or to show you a few other tips!

Hope that helps!

Your friend,


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