Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February Spotlight Stylist

Last week I was talking with the manager at On Stage II in Beaumont. She was telling me about how one of her stylists is currently taking classes to become a Wella Master Color Expert. I thought, hey that's cool, but then I found out that there are only 13 people in the United States who are Wella Master Color Experts. Now that's cool! So who better to be February's spotlight stylist then Katie Bonura? No one, I tell you. No one.

Katie's road to become stylist began when she was just a junior in highschool. The girl's got drive. But all the hardwork and long hours paid off. In May 2007 she landed a job at On Stage II. Since then, Katie has worked her way up the ladder to become a master stylist, one of the highest levels at On Stage. But she still has some room to grow, and grow she will. This Fall, Katie will begin the first phase to become a Wella Master Color Expert. Not only will she be a premier colorist within the company, but also within the world. I can tell her dreams of becoming an Artistic Director and Educator will pay off soon.

Maybe you don't know Katie, but you should.

Hello, Katie!

What you consider yourself a specialist in? 
Color is my passion.

What do you have the most fun doing? 
I enjoy getting to know the clients and establishing a relationship with them.

What awards have you won?  
I won 2007 Skill USA Customer Service for the state of Texas.

What kind of special classes have you taken? 
I am a Sebastian advocate, certified in essential foiling, essential color, creative color, color correction, and a Wella colorist.

What do you think is your favorite look for the new year? 
Doing creative color that is outside the box, yet professional for the work place.

What is your least favorite hairstyle of all time? 
My least favorite hairstyle I had was this mushroom hairstyle. It was shaved up the back everyone called me a boy.

How would you describe your personal style and hair style?  
I like to keep it simple with a little bit of edginess.

If you could have anyone's hair instead of your own, who would you have? 
I like my hair for the most part but sometimes its too much hair to work with, so I would like to say Jennifer Aniston 

Do you have a message that you would like to tell all your clients?
Once you have a great hairstylist, trust in them. And make sure you give them a chance to use their creative side.

Check out some of Katie's color work below, and corrective color at that!


Live in the Beaumont area and want to make an appointment with Katie? Call (409)899-2109.


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