Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Perfect Cut For Your Face Shape, Part Deux

After reading my post from yesterday, I hope that everyone went home--or to their bathrooms--and measured or drew their way into discovering their face shape. If not, well that's okay too. You get an E for effort. Or is it A for effort? I can never remember.

Now it's time to determine the perfect cut for you and your new face shape.


All you ovalers out there rejoice! Because having an oval face means you can pull off almost any haircut or any length. Congratulations, you won the face shape lottery. 

But if you want the perfect cut, try something with long layers that enhance your natural body. When your hair is too flat to your head it can make your face look even more elongated. 

Want something more bold? Cut yourself some full bangs! The bangs cover part of your face, which automatically makes it look shorter. 


Rounders, here are the rules:

Way above the jawline, or below it. Cuts that hug the jaw can make your face look wider, but if your hair hits around the collarbone than it helps slim your face down.

Or if your up for it, cut a super cute pixie like Ginnifer's. Choppy pieces on top can help lengthen your face.


Sqaure-ies...think feathered layers. The feathered ends keep things from being too blunt and bringing attention to your sharp features. 

Also, try some side bangs like lovely Salma up there. They soften up your look.


Hearts, you're going to want to keep things moving and fun. Much like the Square-ies, your jaw is prominent and that is something you'll want your hair to compliment.

Bangs can help conceal the wideness at your forehead and to offset the narrowness at your chin.

A chin length bob that flips will create the illusion of a wider area around your chin as well.

There you have it my friends! Are you following these face shape rules? Or do you make your own rules like I do?


  1. I just got my Ginnifer Goodwin pixie back about a month ago and i am LOVING it, thanks the ever talented stylists at on-stage of course!!


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