Thursday, November 10, 2011

Are You Using Too Much Product?

I've recently admitted to being a makeup hoarder. First step to recovery. But there are also those of you out there who happen to be hair product hoarders, or if you like junkies. And this, my friends is a whole new class of junkies.

Because sometimes, myself included, hair product junkies can get a bit carried away with using too much product. And too many products are not only a drain on your wallet, but also on your hair. You can always tell if your using too much when your newly clean hair is greasy or weighed down.

Hopefully your bathroom drawer doesn't look like this.

Here's a true story...that might have happened more than once. I've just washed my hair and I grab my favorite product that helps with straightening and smoothing. Because I have 4x the amount of hair of a normal person, I put in 4x the amount of product a normal person would use. Well, needless to say, my hair looked like it did before I had washed it. A nasty, greasy mess.

Don't do what I did.

So here's Cassidy's tips on using the right amount of product. 
  • Start small. It's way easier to add more. Because let's face it, starting over sucks and so does wearing greasy hair.
  • Start working your products through your hair at the ends. Also, try to keep those gel or cream products away from your roots. That will help keep away the greasies. 
  • It's different for everyone, but typically two products should be enough. Try using only a "pre-product" and a "post-product", like a cream straightener and then a hairspray.
  • If you end up with the greasies, don't worry. Remember that Second Day Hair post from last week? Try one of those options until you can get home to wash your hair again.
How many products do you use? Does it weigh your hair down or is it the perfect combination? 

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