Wednesday, May 23, 2012

In Between Color Tips

My hair grows at super human speed. If I don't do it every four weeks I have people telling me, "'s time to do your color." And just a heads up, no one likes to hear that. You'd think that working in a hair salon would make it easier to get your color done, but no. It's harder than a normal client. So a lot of times I go longer than four weeks, thus submitting myself to hear remarks about my roots. 

don't look at me or my roots!

But over the years I have learned a couple of tricks to make your color last longer and to conceal those pesky roots. Pay close attention. You'll want to know what I do. 

Help your color to last by...
  • using a color shampoo. I switched over and went from needing every two weeks to every four.
  • use a UV protectant out in the sun. Believe it or not, the sun can fade your color, so if you go out in it a lot, you need to protect it just like your skin.
  • talk to your stylist about demi-permanent color.

Hide your roots by...
  • I know it may seem silly, but hats really are an amazing product. Not only do they hide greasy hair, but they can also hide your roots too.
  • try a hair mascara wand. It's like coverup for your hair. You paint it on your part line, and it effectively covers your roots...until your next shampoo of course. Don't forget to buy the right color!
  • scarves. Tie 'em around and bam! no roots. 
  • wear your hair down. I've noticed that when you pull your hair back, sometimes you can tell that you need your hair colored more than if you wore it down. 
  • keep it clean! My hair turns dark at the roots when it's dirty, making it look like my root is really longer than it is. 

I didn't know what category to fit this tip into:
  • prebook your appointment. A lot of the reasons that people go too long is because they forgot to make an appointment or their stylist is booked out for another two weeks. If you prebook, you never have to worry.

What are your tips to hide those grown out hairs? 

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