Tuesday, May 8, 2012

How To Tuesday: Your Formal Hair Day

Every weekend this month we seemed to book purely of formals, either for weddings or proms or galas. Every time I book an appointment I make sure to tell each client exactly what to do with their hair and clothing. But sometimes...it doesn't stick.

You might be saying, "Cassidy this isn't an actual tutorial."
Me: You can stretch the definition of tutorial. Tutorial means teaching to do something and I am teaching you what to do on your formal hair day.
You: le sigh
Me: So I'll continue.

Your formal hair day rules...

  • slightly dirty hair. That doesn't mean four-day old or longer. That means, for most people, that you washed your hair the day before. (And no, we won't be washing it when you get there)
  • no flat iron or curling iron. Everything we will do at the salon will work so much better if you haven't already used any kind of heat styling tool on it. especially a flat iron
  • typically you want to come wearing something that wouldn't mess your hair up when you take it off. Like a button up shirt.
  • bring photos of what you want. But don't get mad at the stylist if they can't replicate it exactly. Formal styling is really a work of art, and recreating something exactly the same time is hard in art. believe me, I've tried.
  • you're going to want to take some hairspray with out. Travel size would probably be the best. 
  • makeup before hair. Or hair before makeup...it doesn't really matter. Just make sure you've given yourself enough time to get to wherever it is you have to be.

And of course, have fun! Getting dolled up and have formal hair is a blast. Take lots of pictures and let us know what everyone thought of your "hair art!"

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