Thursday, May 3, 2012

Homemade Remedies: DIY Wax

Remember that recipe for homemade wax I posted in the Link Love a while back? Well, I thought I'd give it a try myself to see how it worked.

I'm all for saving money and while I don't really like to inflict pain upon myself, I did it. All for you my lovely readers.

Professional Wax
I prepared my legs just like I have been talking about all week and was excited (and a wee bit nervous) for my wax appointment today. It went well, pretty much like every other wax I've had. It hurt a lot. I made a lot of noises. We laughed. It was a good time.

I still have a bit of left over hair. Although, they are small, bitty white hairs that the wax won't pick up. After 24-48 hours I will be able to shave them away.

Here's the recipe:
2 cups sugar 
¼ cup water 
¼ cup lemon juice

Heat over low heat until sugar is thick and brown.

It took forever for it to turn thick and brown. So long that I thought I was doing something wrong. I reread the instructions 17 times. Honestly it probably took almost 30 minutes for it to look like the picture above. And I had even cut the recipe in half, and then in half again (I had no idea I was almost out of sugar!

Now. Let me list the reason for you to never try this. ever.
  1.  I pretty much ruined a saucepan
  2. I burnt the bajesus out of three of my fingers
  3. and my leg
  4. The wax didn't come off of my leg with the cloth strip, I instead had to pull it off...slowly and painfully.
  5. It didn't take much hair off.
Are five enough? Or should I keep going?

Needless to say...I'll be back in the wax room again tomorrow finishing what the nice wax lady started. 

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