Tuesday, May 1, 2012

How To Tuesday: Prepare Your Skin for Waxing

There used to be this bilboard on the road that read, "Don't hit a furry beast...or be one." I don't know exactly what company it was advertising for but it was for some kind of hair removal. Every time I passed it, I thought, well played bilboard. well played. Because, yeah, the bilboard make me want to go home and shave any stray hair out of place.

But man, do I hate shaving. It's the worst. So luckily, some smart person somewhere in history came up with waxing. But did you know that you have to actually prepare your skin for your wax service? Because I did not.

The day before...

  • You want to make sure that you've exfoliated the area. If you skip this step it could result in ingrown hairs, and lets face it...no one likes those. 
  • Make sure your hair is the right length. It it's too short, it won't work. If it's too long, it won't work.

The day of...
  • Moisturize the area with a water-based or oil free moisturizer.
  • If you'd like, pop a couple of pain relievers half an hour before your appointment. 
  • Talk to you waxer about any concerns you're having!

Other tips...
  • Ladies, don't schedule your appointment the week before or after your period. Your skin is super sensitive then. 
  • If you have any kind of burns or cuts in the area you want waxed, skip your waxing this time.
  • If you're using any kind of agressive skin care products (like rentiol) you definitely want to skip your facial waxing. 

What are your pre-waxing tips? Tell me in the comments below! Stay tuned all week for more waxing tips and tricks!

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