Tuesday, May 22, 2012

How To Tuesday: Pin Back Your Bangs

Growing your bangs out sucks. Believe me. Every time I see a picture of Zooey Deschanel I ask my stylist to cut my bangs, then I grow them out. And then I see another picture of Zooey. It's a vicious cycle that I go through with my bangs.

And that weird phase where they're too long to be full bangs, too short to be swoopy bangs, and way to short to fit behind your ear. It's a frustrating time. I basically wore one of these looks everyday. So check out a couple of ways you can pin back those frustrating things.

The Poof

1. tease your bang area. 2. pull back bangs and pin. Easiest thing to do.

The Braid

1. start a french braid. 2. continue braid across hairline. 3. finish by braiding all the way down and securing with a hair tie.

The Middle Part

A personal favorite of mine. 1. part hair in middle. 2. pull bangs to side, twisting as you go. 3. secure with bobby pins

The Twist

very similar to the braid. 1. start with one piece of hair 2. pick up a new piece and twist around other piece. 3. pick up new piece and combine with first piece 4. continue in this fashion 5. secure with bobby pin

What is your favorite way to pin back your bangs? Did I miss it? Tell me in the comments below!


Thank you!