Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Men's Haircut Terms 101

"How about we make a mullet, but shave the sides down to a 0?"

When I sit down in my stylist's chair for a haircut, usually I just say something like, "Take a couple of inches off." But it's more complicated for men. There are strange terms and different tools used than with a longer cut. And frankly, it can get confusing. 

If you go to different stylists every time or are just trying out a new one, it's nice to know the lingo so that you can get the exact cut that you want.

This is the space above your ear. Your hairline naturally arches around your ear. Some cuts require that the area is trimmed, while others do not.

Guard Length
I'm sure everyone has heard the terms, "#2", "#3", etc. But do you actually know what the mean? Well, after some Googling on my part, I learned that the number refers to length of the hair. Obviously right? But it is also refers to the number of weeks of hair growth left of the scalp after it has been cut. It's a fun fact, but it is easier to remember:

  • #1= 1/8"
  • #2=2/8"
  • #3=3/8"
  • and so on.
Yup. Men have them too.

Blocked/Tapered Necklines
A blocked neckline is when a visible line is created at the nape of your neck. A tapered neckline is more of a faded look. 

Adding a bit of texture to your hair can create a more uneven, messy look. 

There are a ton of other terms out there. Mostly different types of cuts, from mullets to pompadours. And each one is a different thing, but hopefully these few terms will help you out next time your in a stylist's chair.  

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