Thursday, April 5, 2012

Makeup Tips Every Girl Should Know

Being a girl is hard. Heels. Makeup. Don't even get me started on pregnancy. And you know what, we as the female population, try our best. But sometimes, we just need a little help.

That's when I go to the professionals.


  • add depth and contour to your face by applying a bronzer to the hallows of your cheeks, then your blush above it
  • keep your blush and lipstick in the same color family. pink lipstick? try a pink blush
  • smile when applying blush. start of the apples of your cheeks and apply upwards toward your temples
  • tab your ring finger on your skin to blend concealor. don't pull or swipe. it could rub it off or stretch out your skin 


  • for longer lashes, take mascara from root to end. for thicker lashes, rub mascara wand back and forth along roots
  • don't pump the mascara wand. it adds air to the container, making it dry out faster
  • pluck your brows after your shower when your pores are open
  • shadow as liner? why not!
  • lipstick. blot. lipstick. 
  • trace your lips in a loose translucent powder to keep the color from seeping onto your skin
  • liner can actually help your lipstick to last longer and to keep it from bleeding or feathering
  • dramatic lips or eyes. choose one.

What are your makeup tips? Tell me in the comments below!

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Thank you!