Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How To Tuesday: Blue Eyeshadow

Last week, the salon got all of these fantastic new Jane Iredale eyeshadows in. I'm talking blues, greens, and even a red. Me, I'm a simple girl. Nude and black liner. Done. But I was dying to try the Spring colors.

Unfortunately every time I think about blue shadow I automatically think about Mimi from The Drew Carrey Show. So, one of our very talented stylists and makeup artists, Lynsey Robbins, showed me a couple of different ways to wear it. And what do you know...I happened to have a camera near by. 

We show you three different looks you can do with blue shadow. In fact, it is three different looks you can do with pretty much any color shadow. The video is kind of long, but may I say, totally worth it.

Blue Shadow Tips:
  • I said it in the video, but you can't really over blend. You don't want any lines, just one smooth look. 
  • Don't reach for that black liner. We used a nice purple, or you could try a darker blue.
  • Keep your lips simple. Nude lips (and cheeks!)
  • Try not to be too matchy matchy with your clothes and shadow. 
  • Do not, whatever you do, bring the blue all the way up to your brow.
What we used:
  • All Ms. Iredale products of course.
  • Shadows: Magic (light blue), Blue Hour (dark blue), White
  • Eye Gloss: Aqua Silk

Have you ever worn blue shadow? What is your favorite Spring eyeshadow color? Tell me in the comments below. 

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