Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Travel Size Tips for Traveling

I just put up our travel size product section at the salon. You know what I love about travel sizes...

they're mini.

Typically, when I go on a vacation I can spend $50 or more in travel sizes. I stand there in front of the travel area: "Travel hairbrush! Must have. Travel Deodorant! Yes! Oh my gosh, there's a travel toothbrush too! "

Which, I'll have you know, is the exact same size as a regular toothbrush, but I buy it regardless. Because travel size things are so cool.

But you have to be careful. Here are my travel size tips for traveling:

  • Double check your airline's carry-on liquid requirements. I believe most are less than 3.4 oz. Sometimes things look travel size, but they are deceiving you at 3.6 oz. 
  • Just because something doesn't come in a travel size, don't worry! A lot of things do, so ask your stylist about a suitable alternative for the meanwhile. 
  • I like to be sneaky with my travel sizes. Like, who wants to buy a travel size perfume? Not me. So I go to beauty stores and ask for those little sample containers for perfume and Bam! Travel size.
  • Don't forget about your clear plastic baggy. Did you know that they make cute ones as well? Like these tili bags. I got one in my Birchbox. So cute!
  • Organize with your friends. There's no need to bring 6 flatirons. It makes packing easier to share the load. 

What are your travel tips? Tell me in the comments below and I'll share on our Facebook!

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