Thursday, June 21, 2012

Soft, Kissable Lips

No one looks at dry, cracked lips and thinks, "those I want to kiss." Kissable lips are soft and moisturized and puckered. And come on, that's what we all want...just in case we ever happen to run into Chris Hemsworth on the street, we'll be prepared.

These lips say, "I know you can't take your eyes off me. Just go ahead and do it already."

Tips for your perfect pout:

  1. exfoliate. every morning after brushing my teeth I brush my lips off as well. but you can try a scrub if you don't want to do that. 
  2. moisturize. but be careful what you reach for. some lip balm (even the medicated kind) will just dry out your lips to keep you coming back. look for things like petroleum jelly, petrolatum, white wax, paraffin wax, and mineral oil and make sure you stay away from them.
  3. color. a pair of colored lips always draws the eye. so pick your perfect shade, or have someone help you pick it, but whatever you do, make sure you have a go-to color!

What are your soft lip secrets?


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