Thursday, June 14, 2012

3 Ways to Feel More Confident Instantly

You know what I love? Confidence. I find that it can be so lacking in so many people who should be welding the whip themselves. But I get it. Sometimes it's hard, and there's a fine line between confidence and vanity. But here are a couple of tips to help get you there when you're feeling a little blue.

  1. Red lipstick
What's sexier than a pair of red lips? Not much. When I throw on some red lipstick I always feel more confident. I don't know if it's because everyone's eyes are drawn to my lips or the fact that I could plant a kiss on someone's cheek and everyone would know that I had been there. Whatever it is. I say use it to your advantage. 

But be careful! If you start wearing it everyday, the power of the red lipstick will diminish. 

     2.  Sexy Lingerie 

Wearing sexy lingerie under your clothes is a major way to feel more confident. There's something about having a secret like that and make me hold my shoulders a little bit higher.

     3. Hair Color

my hairsiration: Karen Gillan

Keeping up with your color is one thing, but picking a hair color that you feel comfortable in is another. I have all different kinds of colors, but ever since I made my change to red I feel different. It's as if I was suppose to always be a redhead and now that I am it just all makes sense.

And of course because I am where I'm suppose to be, I automatically feel more confident. It's just a bonus side effect. 

What are your tricks to feeling more confident? Tell me in the comments below!

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