Tuesday, June 5, 2012

How To Tuesday: Girl's Night Out

 I'm obsessed with Pinterest. There I said it. Admitting is the first step. But I just love all of those fantastic eye makeup looks that I see. I got a little green-eyed and wanted to do one myself.

I'd say it turned out pretty amazing (way to go Amanda!). And it's perfect for GNO.

So before I start the step-by-step...all the products used are jane iredale.

Step 1: apply primer
we applied the canvas primer to the entire lid.

Step 2: crease

we used wink and roses. apply to the crease, blending as your go.

Step 3: brow bone

first we used wink, then covered it with the 24k gold, glimmer gold. apply over brow bone, blending down

Step 4: lower lid

we put dreamy pink all over the lower lid

Step 5: outer corner

we picked up wine and roses again and applied to the outer corner. then we went back and darkened up the crease to match. blending as we went of course.

Step 6: eyeliner

using both the mystikol dark topaz and the basic brown liner, line your eye, top and bottom

Step 7: mascara and brows
black mascara and brow color to match your own!

ta da!

now go have fun!

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