Thursday, June 7, 2012

June Spotlight Stylist: Amanda Hejl

Amanda Hejl is one of the new comers at On Stage Magnolia, but don’t let that fool you. Her resume is packed full with certifications and experience. After having received her cosmetology license eight years ago, Amanda went on a beauty industry binge. She took classes and received certifications, including her esthetician’s license, extreme lashes, injectables, and oxygen infused facials. These days, Amanda has left the world of skin behind and is solely practicing hair.

Her return to the hair industry has made her eager to learn and strengthened her ability to overcome obstacles. She draws her strength from the heroines in the novels she reads, insisting that even though the trials they are put through aren’t something that would happen to her, they keep her strong and able to withstand anything that is thrown at her.

So basically, she's really cool.

Amanda and her mother

You've had your license for eight years, but how long have you been at On Stage?
I started at On Stage in October of last year, but I'm just now getting on the floor. In fact, next week is my first week to be able to take clients for real.

What kind of training did you go through?
I pretty much relearned everything I was taught in school. On Stage is known for it's precision cuts and colors, that's because they teach it to you for perfection. 

What certifications do you hold?
Oh boy, how long do you have? I've been to both hair and esthetician school. I'm also certified for a lot of skin procedures, like intracueticals, injectables, the librotron machine. 

What are your specialties?
Color for sure. I love that we aren't stuck with what we have naturally. There aren't many people who are happy with their natural hair color, and if that's you, I envy you. But hair color is such an easy thing to change, and it can make a person feel so much more beautiful and confident. 

What is your perfect hair color?
I've tried a lot of colors, and my favorite is beige blonde. It's a fine line to tread between gold and beige, but I like to live on the edge. 

So you're adventurous?
Haha, no, not really. That doesn't mean I'm not down for an adventure every once in awhile, but I love to curl up with a good book. And besides, Peter Pan said, "To live would be an awfully big adventure."

Do you have a personal mission statement?
Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain.

You've really embraced that in the salon.
Yeah, it was rough going for a little while. Relearning things you already know can be hard, but I'm ready now, and I guess you could say I've got my tap shoes on and that water is splashing.

Live in the Magnolia area and want to make an appointment with Amanda? Call (281)259-1222.

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