Thursday, December 27, 2012

It's Okay if You...

  • Don't have New Year's plans and don't want them.
  • Are terrible at painting your nails, and even worse at painting someone else's.
  • Have the same New Year's resolutions last year.
  • Still don't understand Pinterest.
  • It's also okay if you got all of your holiday gift and recipes from Pinterest.
  • Are afraid to cut all your hair off, but still really, really want to do it.
  • If you'd rather read a good book than see its movie version.
  • If you have an unnatural fear of Joan Crawford eyebrows.
  • Put a fire in your fireplace even of it's 70 degrees outside just because its December.
  • Kiss that longtime friend on NYE because you just so happen to be standing next to them at midnight.

Leave you "it's okay if you.." in the comments below!

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