Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Perfect Stocking

I love Christmas. I love Hanukkah. Basically I just love the winter holidays. They mean laughter and lights, singing really loud, and the new season of Doctor Who. The only thing that would make it better would be snow. But as I've said before, Texas isn't quite known for its white Christmases.

If only!

But one of the best parts about Christmas is the Christmas stocking. My mom always know exactly what to put in it for me. But in case you don't, here's Cassidy's guide to stocking stuffing.

  1. Lip Gloss: Aveda's Nourish-mint Rehydrating Lip Gloss. The color goes on your lips looking almost exactly like it does in the tube. And really, how often does that actually happen?
  2. Gift cards: These are probably the best thing to put into a stocking. For an adult that is. I get giftcards for every member of my family to stuff with.
  3. Travel size lotions: Aveda Hand Relief. This stuff will save your hand's lives. Seriously. It works miracles.  
  4. Nail Polish: OPI. You can't really go wrong.
  5. Magazine Subscriptions: I love magazines. For a while I was loving reading them on my Nook Color, but now I'm all about buying the actual magazine again. It's a dying industry that I would like to save. Plus, who can refuse 24 magazines for $12.00? Not me.
  6. Candy: No stocking is complete without a bit of candy.

Stocking stuff should be small and cheap. That's the way of the stocking.

Stockings roasting over an open fire...

What is your favorite item in a stocking?

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