Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hair Myths: The Truths Revealed!

When I was little I watched as Marcia Brady brushed her hair 100 times on each side to make it shinier. I, in turn, had to brush my hair the same. Because I wanted straight, flat, and shiny hair like Marcia (Marcia, Marcia!) 

Alas! It didn't work.

1. 2. 3....100. Done!

Myth: You don't have to have dirty hair for color to work.
This is so not true. Color will take on clean hair just the same. The only thing you need to make sure you do when you come into the salon is have dry hair. 

Myth: You can repair split ends.
No matter what Pantene Pro V tells you, you cannot repair split ends. They must be cut off. Now, you can prevent split ends. But there's no repairing. 

Myth: If you pluck out a gray hair, more will grow in it's place.
This is what they call an old-wive's-tale folks. While you're not going to suddenly have a patch of gray hairs in one spot, I don't encourage plucking them out. If they are bothering you, talk to your stylist about color options. 

Myth: Switching shampoos can make your hair look healthier.
Your hair doesn't discriminate against a professional shampoo. I emphasize professional because a regular drug store shampoo can coat your hair in wax to trick you into thinking it is healthy, when really it is not. But I digress. The dullness that you're seeing after using a shampoo for so long is probably just a buildup of product. Use a clarifying shampoo a couple of times a month, and violá! Good as new. 

Myth: For your hair to grow, you have to cut it every new/full moon.
Well...I'm not really sure how to answer this one. But's not true. 

These are all myths that I've heard while in the salon, and they are all not true. There are probably about a thousand others that I didn't touch on, so if there is something you've been wondering, send it in an email to


Thank you!