Tuesday, December 27, 2011

How To: Use a Bobby Pin

I have a lot of trouble with those little pieces of zig-zag metal. They open, bend, break, or that little rubber piece comes off and I poke myself. Not fun. But the most trouble I have is trying to get them to hold my hair. 

It's been said, several times, that I have some funky hair. It's thick and coarse and is picky about the stuff I put in it. So needless to say that when I put a bobby pin in my hair, it rebels and chunks the bobby pin out screaming, "leave now and never come back!" 

And then I met Lesley, who can pin like a pinning master. I bet she could put my entire head of hair up with just one pin. So I decided to learn the art of pinning from her and the other stylists around the salon. And now, I share the knowledge with you. 

  • People say to put the zig-zag side down. But I say put that zig wherever you'd like to zag! It doesn't really matter. Just do what feels better for you.
  • The best thing to do for extra hold is to push the pin back on itself. Push in, then twist into opposite direction. See the video below.

Bobby pins are easy to use if you just play around with them. Try putting them in and twisting in different directions. You can be a professional in no time!


  1. Was that a LOTR reference I read? Always brings a smile : ) Also great advice, I could definitely feel the difference in the hold when I tried it. Thanks Cassidy!

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