Thursday, September 22, 2011

What You Need to Know About Curly Hair and Haircuts

I feel like curly people dread getting their hair cut. I haven't conducted a random survey or experiment or anything, but whenever someone who has curly hair books an appointment, I almost inevitably get asked, "And they know how to cut curly hair right? Right?".

And curly hair people have a right to ask that, because curly hair is difficult to cut. This is something that anyone who's ever had a bad cut because their stylist didn't know how to cut curly hair knows.

So if you have curly hair and want to avoid a hair disaster here's what you need to know to tell your stylist. And don't worry about hurting your stylist feelings. Tell them what you want.

  • Don't freak out if your stylist wants to cut your curly hair wet. This is actually a better method than dry cutting for you curly-headers. The stylist should be able to tell where the curl will lay while it's wet. 
  • Ask for more of a square structure. Curly hair tends to already be round enough without the extra bulk with a round cut. 
  • Sometimes, it isn't the stylist's fault when curly hair is out of control. If you're a curly-header, you need to know what products to use to keep your mane nice and tame. 
  • If you have a finer texture hair, go for a mousse. But if your hair is more course and unruly, opt for a gel instead.  

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  • Use a diffuser while blow drying. Don't touch the curls with your hands, so that you're not disturbing your natural curl pattern. Then hands off during the day! Touching will only cause more frizz.

But really, you and your stylist need to communicate. You can tell your stylist want you want, but you also need to listen to what they are saying. Sometimes we want things that our hair just won't do. I know I do. coughpixiecutcough. It's a two-way street y'all. Not a one-way. 

Do you have curly hair and don't have a good stylist yet? Book an appointment with one of our expert stylists. See that little button above that says "appointment". Well just click on that my pretties. 

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