Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Product Review From a Non-Stylist: Sebastian Drench

Sebastian Drench shampoo 8.4oz: $13.96,  Sebastian Drench conditioner 8.4oz: $14.96  

My name is Jackie and I’m taking over Cassidy’s blog today to review one of the many
products offered at On Stage Salon.

When I received my very first product, I peered in to the box and was skeptical. I mean, how
much difference do your shampoo and conditioner really make, once your hair is clean, dry
and styled? But I agreed to take on the challenge of using Sebastian® Drench shampoo and
conditioner for a week and sharing my results.

I was warned by Cassidy to be conservative in my use since the products are concentrated, so,
since my hair is shoulder-length, I used about a nickel-sized dollop of each. My hair texture is
pretty average, sometimes on the dry side, so I was excited to see if Drench would help with the
dryness and frizziness. But one other aspect of this product interested me too. The Sebastian®
website claims Drench helps to add “body and bounce” to your hair. Hmm. We shall see.

I lathered up the shampoo like normal, but when it came to the conditioner, I flipped my head
over and just spread it through the ends, trying to avoid the roots. As with any moisturizing
conditioner, rubbing it into your roots can sometimes weigh your hair down or make it seem
greasy. I also rinsed it with my head flipped, just to make sure. Both shampoo and conditioner
rinse easily and cleanly.

At first I wasn’t sure I could tell a difference, but then, after doing my hair in the same fashion I often do, blow-drying it then curling it away from my face in big waves, finishing it with hairspray, I noticed that, indeed, my hair did seem to have more body. I find that sometimes using a really hot iron, either flat or curling, can make my hair flat as the day goes on, even with hairspray. But my hair held the volume all day at work.

I got more compliments on my hair than usual, one memorable comment coming from the
armored car driver who picks up the money from my store. He said my hair looked “prom-
ready…” I’m not quite sure how I feel about that, but I took it as a complement nonetheless
since prom up-dos are usually pretty pricy and I spent approximately 10 minutes on my hair that
morning. I attribute most of my hair’s recent celebrity to Drench.

Another plus worth mentioning is that my husband has now commented twice that he likes the
way it smells. That’s huge.

Overall, I think Sebastian® Drench shampoo and conditioner are totally worth every penny,
especially since using less of this concentrated product makes it last longer than your usual
drug store brands. I encourage everyone to stop in to On Stage and give Drench a go. I know
you’ll love it!

Have you tried Drench? What are your thoughts on the product?

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  1. Well, Thanks for sharing your experience, i really like your blog. I too have a great experience with Sebastian Whipped Creme and it was great.


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