Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How To Tuesday: Victoria Secret Model Waves

Yup, those waves. It's the tutorial you've been waiting for. But before we begin I need to let you know that all of these models have pretty much the same type of hair. I know right, perfect body, perfect skin, and perfect hair. It's almost too much for one person. Can't they share the love?

So these ladies, most all of them have the same cut and the same thickness. Now that doesn't mean that when you try out these waves on your hair that it won't work. It just means that it might not look exactly the same.

Take my hair for example. I have about 3x the average person's hair on my head. It's really, really, thick. But, it will work just as good with someone who has thinner hair.

I took some time the other day to learn how to make these waves--tough job right?--so that I could teach you what was taught to me.

Here's what you need to know.

You're going to need a 1.5" curling iron. It has to be that size otherwise you won't get the same results. Also, your curling iron needs to get hot, like 400ยบ F hot. You're also going to need a light hold hairspray. I used Paul Mitchell's Hold Me Tight.

So here's me before I curled my hair...

And here's how you do it.

Step 1: Section the hair

Like I said, I've got a ton of hair. If your hair is thinner you might not need to do this step. But if you do, just section off the top part. 

Step 2: Spray hair.

Pre-spray your hair with your hairspray.

Step 3: Curl

animator gif

The basics of this curl is that you're going to curl everything the same direction: all away from your face. This creates the big "s" shape that the models normally have. 

Curl hair in 1-2" sections. I like to start at the top then twist downwards. That way, even the top will get curled. 

Because your curling iron is set at such a high heat, you don't need to hold it on the curl for very long. 3 seconds max, I would say.

Step 4: Spray again.

After you finish with all of the curls, spray your hair again with your hairspray. Then run your fingers through it, slightly separating the curls. 

Then you're done!

Here's how mine turned out. Pretty good I must say.

This is Stephanie. She has a lot less hair than I do, so we did hers as well to show you that it can be done with thinner hair as well.

That's it y'all. Super easy. Super pretty. Now go strut that runway girls. 

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