Wednesday, March 13, 2013

How To Tuesday Wednesday: Make Your Eyes Look Wider

Due to some technical difficulties yesterday, I was unable to post this tutorial. But here it is now. In all it's glory.

People are always talking about trying to make their eyes appear wider, because let's face it...No one likes sad, closed eyes. So here's a quick tutorial on how to do so. It's very easy. It only involves two eyeshadow colors (nude and brown), eyeliner (black), and mascara (black).

Step 1: base color

Apply a nude shadow all over eyelid.

Step 2: crease

In the crease, apply your brown shadow, bringing it around to a point on the outer edge of your lid, sweeping lightly over outer lash line.

Step 3: liner

Black liner along top lash line. Apply it thicker toward the outside, thinning out as it reacher inner corner.

Step 5: mascara

ta-da! That's it. 

Told you it was easy. 

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