Tuesday, March 19, 2013

How To Tuesday: Dewy Makeup

I like to start this post off by saying...

Ginnifer Goodwin is flawless. There has never been a time I looked at that girl and thought, wow, she could use a little work. I mean...she is freaking Snow White. 

You see how dewy she looks? Like she is glowing. Well...that look can be achieved very simply using some highlighter. 

Step 1: moisturize
It's arguably the most important step. If you're skin isn't moisturized, then the dewiness has no reason to look dewy. Does that even make sense?

Step 2: foundation
you can apply your foundation as normal. 

Step 3: cheek contouring

Step 4: highlighter

You want to apply your highlighter in these areas. It's okay if you don't have an actually "highlighter", you can use any light colored eyeshadow. That one that you always use to swipe across your brows? It's perfect for this. 

Do you have a moisture spray that sets your foundation? Make sure you use it!

Now...go be flawless like Ginnifer. I know you are. 


Thank you!