Tuesday, January 22, 2013

How To Tuesday: Get This Look

We get "how do I do this?" a lot. Usually a client is holding a picture of a celebrity and commenting on their hair, or their makeup. But always they are wanting to recreate what they see in the picture. I do it too.

But wouldn't it be nice to look at a picture and be able to recreate it without having to ask your stylist or makeup artist? I think so. That's what today's tutorial is about. Learning to do it for yourself.

Let's take a look at Isla Fisher at The Golden Globes.

She's stunning right? 

Now. Let's analyze.

First. Look at her hair. It's moderately thick. Is yours this way? Have you ever been able to achieve as much volume as she has? Or do you have super curly hair and have never been able to tame it without a team of professionals behind you? 

Second. Start with what you know. You know that she used a curling iron. A large one, since the size of her curls are pretty much waves instead of curls. Look at her curl pattern. Are they all going the same way? Different ways? Toward her face? Away from her face? 

We don't know what the back looks like, but we can guess. You could actually make this your own. Do you want it braided back there? Pinned? Or just swept to the side?

Third. Her makeup is simple. You can see her glowing, so you know she's using bronzer and a highlighter. Are these techniques you know how to use? If not, look them up. 

Forth. Just do it. Try it out. If you don't get it right, start over.  Sometimes it takes a couple of tries to master the perfect curl or get your winged liner even. It's okay to try over.

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