Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2013 Spring Hair Trends

This rainy weather has gotten me down. I wore bright orange pants today to try and counteract the gloom, it helped a little.  I'm just looking forward to Spring, and those few days of perfect weather. Because let's be honest...we really only get a few days.

With Spring comes new Spring hair trends. I'm pretty excited about this year's.


Last year we saw a lot of twists, but this year you can expect to see a lot of knots. top knots. low knots. side knots. braid knots. it's getting knotty this year.



Similar to last year's wet look, this year were seeing the hair still slicked back, but not as wet. Thankfully.


 They're not going anywhere. 

Bold Colors

Bright colors. Streaks. Ends. All over. Any combination.


Waves and slightly messy hair is in for the Spring. I say, yay! That extra time to sleep in. 

What other trends are you excited about seeing this year?

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