Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Homemade Remedies: DIY Pore Strips

If you read Link Love you know all about my obsession with DIY things. But here's a little secret...I hardly ever actually do anything DIY. Shhh!! I know, I know, super lame right? But I hardly ever have time to do anything DIY. It's so much quicker for me to just pop into the store and buy whatever it is I was going to DIY. Yes, I spend more money, but I gain knowledge. guess that saying doesn't really apply here.

But to appease my inner DIYer I decided to try out some pore strips. Easy to start off with right? Then I asked they actually work better than the store bought kind? And boom! Blog post idea. 

So here we are:

homemade pore strips vs. Biore pore strips

The recipe I'm using (or stole from these people) for the DIY portion of today's show is as follows:

  • combine 1tbsp. honey with 1 1/2 tbsp. milk
  • microwave for 10-15 seconds
  • apply to face where desired

I put the Biore on my nose and the homemade on my chin and forehead area.

15 minutes later...

Biore Pore Strip

Let me first start off by saying, don't ever google image search Biore pore strips. Ew.

I always forget that these things never work the way I want them to. I expect them to pull out every blackhead in my nose, leaving it perfect like a baby's bottom. And let me tell you what it does not do: leave my nose looking like a perfect baby's bottom. There are still tons of blackheads up in there and I can't tell if the little things that the strip pulled out are small little blackheads or tiny hairs that I had on my nose. Some of them are probably blackheads. I can't have that much hair on my nose.

rating: B-

Homemade Pore Strip

When I put it on (using a cotton ball) it smelled so delicious I wanted to eat it. But then I put it on and was instantly deterred from eating. It was just this giant sticky mess on my face. Yes, it went on in a film like manner, but it just looked shiny and gross when it dried. 

Then I tried taking it off. Tried. Because that stuff wasn't coming off. It is suppose to just peel right off like a normal pore strip, but the mixture must of really liked my face because it stayed on really nicely. I ended up having to rewash my face and in the end, there was no blackhead difference. 

rating: F

I'm not sure why the DIY version didn't work out for me. Maybe I mixed it wrong, or didn't apply enough, I don't know, but there are a couple of other recipes for homemade pore strips out there that I might try next.

Do you DIY? What is your favorite homemade remedy? 


  1. I tried the same homemade remedy you did and it also did not work out for me. I stick to Biore. Some removal is better than none!

  2. No I do not DIY anymore. I use to try many homemade versions of products that work really well. And by the time you spend the money on all the products you need (if your like me and don't keep a Martha Stewart well kept pantry)you end up spending more money than the product cost. And believe me, the store bought product always worked better. Some things are just best left to the professionals.

  3. loved this blog post. Keep doing these, I want to know more of your wisdom!

  4. Honestly, you cats are waaay off course. Milk and unflavored gelatin works 100%, 100% of the time. It's flawless actually. Or you can spend a pile more dough at the drugstore instead... My two cents.

    Oh, an explicit demonstration is on the page if you need real good proof.

    You're welcome. ;)

    1. We haven't tried out the gelatin recipe, although we have posted a link to that one before! I'll give it a try and see how it works. Thanks!

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