Thursday, March 29, 2012

Gentlemen, it's okay to...

groom your brows. 

No one likes a unibrow, or overly bushy brows. So don't be embarrassed. Get those puppies waxed!

use more hair product than your girlfriend

Most days, I use exactly one product...and it's hairspray. So don't worry if your a two or even three-stepper gentleman. Sometimes it's easy to use more products than your girlfriend.

get a mani/pedi

If you've never gotten one. Go get one. They're fantastic, and they leave your nails looking clean...and ladies like clean.

share your woman's skin care products

Eye cream, toner, anti-aging product, sunscreen...especially sunscreen. It's all okay to use. Your skin works the same as a woman's, so it's okay to use the same products. 

spray tan

Laying outside or in a tanning bed is bad for your skin. So to get that summer tan, opt for a spray tan. Plus, they make you look leaner and give your muscles more definition. Who doesn't want that?

What else do you think is okay for men to do that they are sometimes hesitant to do? Tell me in the comments below!

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Thank you!