Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Detoxify Your Hair

A couple of summers ago I took a scuba diving class in the Rec at Texas A&M University. Everyday for two weeks we scubaed in the dive pool, and every day I would blow dry my hair and cringe at the state of it. It never looked clean, and I could practically see the chemicals burn off onto my flat iron.
I pretty much thought that my long hair that I had been growing out for years was done for. My only hope was to cut it all off and start over.
But then I was introduced to a little miracle in the form of a clarifying shampoo. Now, my hair wasn’t perfect over night, but with the clarifying shampoo it got back to its long and luscious self. And not having to cut all my hair off, well that’s a win in my book.

Here’s some advice to help keep your hair the way you want it after a summer of intense heat and that pool time to cool off.

1. Protect your hair before getting into the pool. Wet all of your hair with regular tap water, it can only soak up so much water, so this allows your hair to soak up the regular water before soaking up the chlorinated water from the pool. Basically it just creates a buffer from the harmful chemicals.

2. Invest in a good clarifying shampoo. Chlorine won't come out with regular shampoo, and without removing it from your hair, your normal blow dry/flat iron routine will grind the chlorine deeper into the strands.
**It is especially important for blondes to use a clarifying shampoo to keep the hair from turning green.

Paul Mitchell Shampoo Three, $9.00
Helps remove chlorine and impurities

Aveda Sun Care, $21.00
Fights against chlorine and salt buildup

3. Always use a good conditioner after a clarifying shampoo.

Try doing these steps next time you hop in the pool. Your hair will thank you, I promise.

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