Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Shaving 101

Can we just talk about how much shaving sucks? I'm constantly nicking myself. After having been shaving for so many years, I feel like I should have it down by now. Anyone else feel this way?

Hopefully I'm not alone in being a terrible shaver. But you know what I'm really good at? Learning and sharing my knowledge. Next time you go to shave, keep these tips in mind.

Always shave on wet skin. Dry skin can clog up your razor, and dull, dirty razors can nick you up. And that's no fun.

Change your blades. Again, dull razors lead to nicks. And besides, it's sort of gross using a two-month old razor.

Shave up. Your leg hair grows down, so shave up. Your armpit hair grows in lots of different directions, so shave in lots of different directions.

Moisturize. Your legs don't have a lot of oil glands, so you need to make sure that you always moisturize after you shave.

What are your leg shaving tips? Do you prefer to wax instead of all the shaving hassle? Tell me in the comments below!

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