Wednesday, September 12, 2012

September Spotlight Stylist: Haley Hardin

After taking a short hiatus from the spotlight stylist, we knew exactly who we wanted to start it back up with again: Haley Hardin.

A stylist, soon to be master stylist, at On Stage I in Beaumont, Haley knows what it means to have style. I mean...just take a look at her. 

Her potential to do great things is off the charts. Basically, you need to know more about her. That way, when you hear her name, you won't be as confused as your friends. 

Tell me about your personal life?
Well, I’ve been living “Old Town Beaumont” for about year now and I absolutely love it.  Since the scenery is so beautiful and historic I like to invite friends over for bike rides and dinner parties.  I also play drums in a band called Too Heavy Boxes. Music is a big part of my life.

What is your favorite part about your job?
Not being behind a desk all day.. haha Seriously though, I love cutting  hair. When someone comes in and tells me, “let’s cut it all off,” I get so excited! I never thought I would have a job that pays me to cut people’s ponytails off!

Have you won any awards?
No awards yet, but I’m still at the beginning stages of my career.  I do plan to enter contests in the near future. I have been featured in a local magazine called “VIP” about holiday looks and insight about my style as a hairstylist.

Taken any special classes?
Just the educational classes that On Stage has provided which includes: Cutting and styling classes with Anthony Cole from Sebastian, Color theory and techniques with Alexandra Matiz from Wella, and a few classes from Paul Mitchell.

Who inspires you?
Hair wise, I would say Alexandra Matiz, she’s confident in herself and her work. She’s done hair all over the world and knows color like the back of her hand. She’s pretty much a bad ass in my book.

What is your favorite makeup trend? And least favorite?
My favorite makeup trend would probably be the cat-eye eye liner, there’s always something so sexy and vintage about it. My least favorite would probably be tattooed makeup… it looks way too fake.

If we did only one thing for our hair, would should it be?
Trimming the ends! Yes you should also keep it moisturized but you can’t moisturize hair that’s already dead! Trimming off those dead ends will keep your hair healthy!

Do you have a message you'd like to tell your clients?
Be confident! Nobody else on this earth looks like you and you should be proud and appreciate what you have. FLAUNT IT!

Want to make an appointment with Haley? Call (409)866-0560.


  1. I love Haley!!! She does my hair!! Highly recommend her!!

  2. Haley is freakin awesome!! She's the only person I trust with my hair.


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