Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How To Tuesday: Chevron Accent Nail

This post comes with a small disclaimer:

This is Cassidy's first time doing nail art. Do not judge her.

Whew, I'm glad we got that out of the way. Guys...it took me an hour and a half to paint my nails for this tutorial. You know when the last time it took me that long to paint my nails was? Never. Because there's no way I would ever paint my nails if it took that long. 

But luckily for you guys, I worked out all the kinks in this tutorial, so hopefully it won't take you that long.

For polish, I used one metallic (Color Club's Put a Pin In It)  and one regular finish (Ulta's...some pink color that I couldn't find the name of). 

Step 1: bottom coat

Two things: 1. I'm only doing an accent nail on my ring fingers, but you can do all your nails if you feel over-achieving. 2. I put the metallic first, but I think when I do it again, I'll put the regular first.

Let it dry. all the way.

Step 2: shapes & paint

The reason it took me so long was that I couldn't get the tape right. It wouldn't cut and then it wouldn't peel off. My mom suggested painter's tape and this worked like a charm.

So basically, you get your craft scissors that make cool shaped lines. Cut some tape and place it where you want.

Then you want to paint over it using your other color. Pull off while still wet.

Step 3: top coat

a top coat is important since you've got two different polishes on. 

Paint the rest of your nails, and ta-da!

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