Thursday, July 5, 2012

CrossFit: We're Having a Challenge

First of all I want you to forget everything you know about exercising. Forget about the treadmill or the elliptical and definitely forget about the weight machines. Just listen for a hot second.

CrossFit is unlike anything you've ever done for exercise before. The reason you keep hearing about it is because it works and (gasp!) it's fun!

A couple of us from On Stage decided to join a local CrossFit studio, CrossFit Uproar. We wanted to see what all the rage was about and if it really could change you like they say it can. So here we are, in the second week of our two month challenge and let me tell you, I already know it's doing something because I can feel it everyday when I move my sore muscles.

So what is it? At CrossFit Uproar, the very first class you take is a "foundations" class, so I happen to know the answer.

crossfit: constantly varied functional movement performed at high intensity

That sounds a little scary at first. I think I actually got nervous butterflies, but every single move is gone over in so much detail that you could teach the class if you wanted. Every person in Uproar's classes are informed and confident in their moves. It's pretty fantastic. 

It's the functional movement part of the definition that I like that most. I had never thought about it before, but when in life do you ever do most of the moves performed on a weight machine? The answer is never. Of course, there are some exceptions, but everyday I lift something off the ground, put it over head, swing side to side. The movements and the workouts consist of those functional movements. 

It just all makes so much more sense to me. 

Over the next two months you'll be hearing a lot about CrossFit and our challenge. Mainly because we're so stoked about it, but also because we want you to be too. In fact, we really want you to participate in our challenge as well. Find yourself a CrossFit studio (check out CrossFit Uproar if you live in the Magnolia area) and try it out three times a week for two months. Send me your progress and updates. Let's all change our lives for the better. 

Stefan Rueda, owner and founder of Uproar, told us, "CrossFiit athletes look like Greek Gods." That was all the motivation I needed. 

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