Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Second Day Hair

Or...if you like, third day hair. Because, you know you want to go that extra day.

In my experience, I've probably met more people who wash their hair everyday than people who skip a day. And their reasoning: well it gets too greasy to not, might as well since I'm in the shower, or just ew. 

And yeah, some of you out there really, actually need to wash your hair everyday. But most of you don't. You see, your hair is a dead by-product from your body (just like your finger nails), and it needs to be lubricated. So when you wash your hair too much, well lets just say...

You don't want that, and neither does your hair. You need those natural oils. 

Second day hair is the best hair in my opinion. Pretty much any style will stay since the oils act as a natural hold. But if your self-conscious about not washing your hair everyday try out a few of these things to help.

  • Find a dry shampoo and become best friends with it. Just be careful if you have darker hair on how much you spray on, because a lot of dry shampoos leave a white or gray color on the hair. Try TRESemm√©'s dry shampoo. They make it for curly or straight hair. 
TRESemmé FreshStart Dry Shampoo
  • If you're allowed to wear hats to work, wear a hat! Old fashioned or vintage-looking hats have recently come back into style, and a lot of them are fabulous. Take advantage of it!
Target Xhilaration Felt Fedora, $14.99

  • If you can't wear a hat, you could probably still wear a hair scarf! Those work just as well. 
Photo from here

What are your second, third, or fourth day hair secrets? Tell me in the comments below.


  1. Love these options for those of us who do shower everyday, but just have to much hair to wash and style everyday. Thanks for the help


Thank you!