Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Winter Is Coming

When I woke up this morning, I did what I do everyday. Check the weather. You see, in Texas this is pretty much a necessity. Because Texas likes you surprise you.

But where I was hoping to see a high of somewhere in the 70s, I see this...

Feels like 86º. Feels like 86º?

And then I log onto Facebook and see that my cousin, who lives in Colorado just so happened to wake up to three inches of fresh snow this morning. And in that moment I thought, is it ever going to get cold here?

But then I calmed down and remembered that I love Texas. Of course it is going to get cold. Winter is coming. Which also means a whole new hair care routine. 

 In the winter, or in cold weather in general, the air becomes really dry, thus causing your hair and skin to crave moisture. So you're going to need a really, really good deep conditioner. Here are some of my favorites.

Brazilian Blowout Acai Deep Conditioning Masque


Made for the Brazilian Blowout, but can be used even if you don't have one. What makes this masque so great is that you can leave it on overnight. Or if you think that will make your hair too heavy, use it like a regular deep conditioner and rinse it out.

Awapuhi Keratin Intensive Treatment

 This deep conditioner is about half the price of the other, but just as good. You can't leave it on overnight, but it still packs a punch. Plus, it smells amazing.

What is your favorite deep conditioner? Or if you don't use one, how do you keep your hair healthy in the winter?

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  1. I love deep conditioning treatments! I get one at the salon with every colour and I use a mask at home. I like Originl & Mineral, Redken All Soft or KMS Silksheen.


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