Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Link Love 10/7/2011

Hello October!

  • I don't know what a cluster puff is, but I probably would have bought one for only $2.49 if I had been alive in 1910. Just call me a sucker for good deals. 
  • October is save the tatas month, and here are some beauty products that will donate to the cause. 
  • An activity that probably wasted 30 minutes of my time yesterday. Draw a stickman. Awesome and entertaining. 
  • Sometimes you can make it all day in those 4" stilettos. So here's some bags to stash those flats in!
  • First a book, now a clothing line. What can't "The Situation" do?
  • I love the 50s and its amazing clothes and makeup.
  • In probably the saddest news of the week, Steve Jobs died. But you can always keep him in your memory by wear his signature black turtleneck
  • Because every girl sometimes needs a refresher, from InStyle, how to walk in heels. 
  • We talked about hair accessories last year, if you were inspired, here's a DIY headband!
  • Color block for your nails!  
  • I recently discovered The Beauty Department. They've got some awesome stuff on it. Like this and this.  
  • I'm obsessed with P.S I made this... Check out this DIY project!

What did you see online this week? Let me know in the comments below!

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