Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Bold Lips

One of my favorite Fall trends is the bold lip. I've always been a fan of bold lips, normally though I tend to stick to the red shade (I love the vintage look). But recently, I've been seeing a lot of different shades, just as bold.

Pinks. Purples. and Reds, oh my!

To get the perfect lip, follow these steps:

  1. exfoliate. no one lips crispy lips. use a lip scrub, or simply your tooth brush and get rid of all that extra skin.
  2. line them, if you wish.
  3. apply lipstick. but be careful! because of the bold color, it could leave marks on your skin if you get outside the lines. 
  4. blot.
  5. apply again.

Now go forth and bold lips. 

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