Wednesday, August 22, 2012

3 Steps to Your Perfect Hair Day

wow, that girl has perfect hair!

The perfect hair day. Doesn't it seem to always happen when you're not going anywhere? Or you're going to the hair salon. Well it does for me. The most perfect hair day in my history of perfect hair days was when I was on my way to get my hair cut off. Talk about bad timing.

But there are steps you can do to achieve your perfect hair day...every day!

  1. practice your routine. yeah it sounds simple, but after getting a new cut or style, relearning how to style your hair can be hard. so practice. a lot. once you get the hang of your round brush or curling iron, perfect hair will be on its way.
  2. wake up in time. in college i spent a lot of time sleeping in, ergo i spent a lot of time in ponytails. ponytails are cool but i've never looked at a pony and said, wow that girl has perfect hair. so give yourself plenty of time to fix your hair in the morning.
  3. work with what you've got. i've said it before, but the best step to perfect hair is to work with what you have going on. it's way easier to pull out that curling iron than to try and straighten out those bed-head kinks. you know those ones i'm talking about. we've all had them. don't fight with your hair in the mornings, embrace it!

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